Interested in volunteering for Indie Memphis and the Indie Memphis Film Festival? We need your help to make this year our best yet! Just sign up via Shiftboard :)

Are you looking for ways to help Indie Memphis before the Festival in October?  We have 2 ways you can help us now and earn hours ahead of time for cool festival perks!  We are looking to build our Street Team and Concert Film Series Team as soon possible. 

*If you are interested, please email Brighid Wheeler at info@indiememphis.com with the subject title "Street Team" or "Concert Film Series Team."

Street Team:  Do you have an hour or two to spare this weekend?  We need folks to come and pick up some posters and postcards and distribute them throughout Cooper Young, downtown, Overton Square, etc.  We need help with spreading the word with our cool events we've got coming up and we can't do it without you!

Street Team Perks:  For every hour you spend distributing material you can either (a) double your hours worked (1 hour of work = 2 hours credit) to gain festival perks outlined below.  OR (b) your choice of free admission to any of our screenings we show leading up to the festival (i.e. Southern Circuit films, special screenings, members only screenings, Alloy Orchestra, etc).

Shiftboard Instructions:

Go to www.shiftboard.com/indiememphis

and register or login.

After you log in, you'll be greeted with a "Need Assistance?" pop-up window, from which you can select MyAccount to update your account info, MyTeams to review the current list of volunteer teams you’re signed up for, or Find Additional Teams to look for additional volunteer teams you might be interested in signing up for.  (If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can also get help by choosing to Watch Videos, Read FAQ's, Search Help.)

You will only see shifts for teams you have joined, so be sure to look for other teams that might interest you. Select MyTeams (to see what you’re currently signed up for), then More Teams or Join Another Team – either will take you to a list of teams you haven’t yet joined. From there, click on a team to learn more about it, and select Add Me Now if you want to join that team.

After you’ve selected your teams, go to Calendar and peruse available shifts for teams you’ve joined. When you click on a shift, you’ll be able to read details in the column on the right – and choose to Take this Shift.

That should get you started, but Shiftboard is both fun and powerful – and we encourage you to explore and see what the system can do.

Confused? Need help signing up? Just email our Volunteer Coordinator at Katie McWeeney kmcweeney.art@gmail.com  and she'll help you get hooked up :)

Volunteer Perks for the 2014 Indie Memphis Film Festival:

4 Hours

  • Festival Crew t-shirt
  • One (1) Day Tripper Ticket for any day of the festival (Sat or Sun)
  • Invitation to the volunteer Thank You party
  • Experience of a lifetime

8 Hours

  • Festival Crew t-shirt
  • Festival Poster
  • Invitation to the volunteer Thank You party
  • Two (2) Day Tripper Tickets (Sat or Sun, 1 of each or 2 of same day)
  • Experience of a lifetime

12 Hours

  • Festival Crew t-shirt
  • Festival t-shirt voucher (can choose AFTER festival)
  • Two (2) Day Tripper Tickets (Sat or Sun, 1 of each or 2 of same day)
  • Invitations for two (2) to the volunteer Thank You party
  • Experience of a lifetime

13+ Hours or more

  • Festival Crew shirt
  • Festival t-shirt voucher (can choose AFTER festival)
  • One (1) Festival Pass for the full festival (or two depending on hours worked)
  • Listing on the festival website
  • Invitations for two (2)  to the volunteer Thank You party
  • Experience of a lifetime

Committee Heads

  • Two (2) Festival Crew t-shirts
  • All access credentials
  • Invitations for two (2) to the volunteer Thank You party
  • Listing on Festival website and in Festival Program
  • Year long Indie Memphis Membership to enjoy our incredible year round programming
  • Experience of a lifetime :)