Pass & Ticket FAQ

2013 Pass & Ticket FAQ

Everyone has an “Indie.” It’s that fearless, defiant, creative spirit residing in us all. Its purpose is to free us from the normal and lead us to the beautiful, the mysterious, the divine. For some it’s on the surface, in others, deeper down, but in all of us it’s there.

The best way to find your Indie is with a Pass, so that you can truly explore the festival program and take chances on films you know nothing about. If you can only attend for a day or just one film, we offer a Day Tripper Pass and a One Trip Token, as well as individual ticket options


Q.What’s the difference between a Pass and a Ticket?


A Pass allows you to attend multiple movies for one price. A Ticket is for an individual movie.




Q. How much?


Passes range in price from $20 to $250. Regular screenings have a limited number of Priority Tickets available for $15 each, while tickets to Gala Screenings run $15 - $20. One Trip Tokens are available for $10 each.



Q.What are the different types of Passes?


We offer three types of Passes, each with a different level of access: 

  • PRIORITY PASS ($250)
    Front-of-the-line seating at festival screenings, as well as admission to panels, parties and receptions, and the exclusive Patron’s Reception at Bari Ristorante e Enoteco. There are a limited number of Priority Passes for sale.
  • FESTIVAL PASS ($100)
    ‘Preferred’ seating to festival screenings, as well as admission to panels, parties and receptions, as seating permits. Festival Pass holders queue up outside the theatre door until 15 minutes before the beginning of a film. After any Priority Pass Priority Ticket or Gala Ticket holders have been admitted, remaining seats will be released to Festival Pass holders in line.
    ($50 for all four days / $20 for single day / $10 for one film)
    Admission to festival screenings and panels (except “Gala” screenings), as seating permits. Admission to parties and receptions is not included at this level. Tripper Pass, Day Tripper Pass, and One Trip Token holders queue up outside the theatre door until approximately 10 minutes prior to the beginning of a film. After Festival Pass holders have been admitted, remaining seats will be released to Tripper Pass, Day Tripper Pass, and One Trip Token holders in line.


Q. Where can I purchase Passes, Tickets and Tokens?

A. In advance of the festival, your best bet is to visit to buy what you need. During the festival, our Central Box Office at 49 South Cooper (next to The Circuit Playhouse) will be your best source for whatever you need. Available tickets will also be available at each venue. One Trip Tokens are only available at the Central Box Office.


Q. What if I want to see a movie, it’s sold out, and I don’t have a pass?

A. RUSH tickets will be available for last minute purchase, if there are seats available. Simply show up at the venue for the movie you want to see, tell the volunteer at the ticket table that you would like to try to get a RUSH ticket, and you will be directed to the RUSH LINE. After all Pass, Ticket, and Token holders have been seated, and just before the movie starts, we will make any available seats available to folks in the RUSH LINE for $10 each (cash only). You will be rushed into the theatre in time to see the start of the film.


Q. Tell me the fine print.

A. Priority Pass, Priority Ticket, and Gala Ticket holders are guaranteed a seat for their movie, as long as they arrive at the theatre at least 15 minutes before the start of the film. If you arrive late, you risk forfeiting your seat to the Pass holders waiting in line. No matter what type of Ticket or Pass you have, we recommend getting to the theatre 30 minutes prior to the start of the film. There’s an additional benefit to arriving early: you get to mingle with other folks and hear about films they’ve seen, are planning to see, or perhaps even made.


Q. Is there anything else I should know about Passes?

A. Yes! If you purchase a pass for $50 or more, you also receive a year-round Indie Memphis Membership. This entitles you to free or reduced price admission to the many film programs sponsored by Indie Memphis throughout the year, plus other fun benefits.