Freedom Series launches with 'Complaints Choir' at the Studio on the Square -- Thursday, July 15th

Complaints Choir opens the Freedom Series at 7 pm on Thursday, July 15 at the Studio on the Square 'Complaints Choir' opens the Freedom Series
at 7 pm on Thursday, July 15 at the Studio on the Square

Celebrate Mandela Day with the launch weekend of the Freedom Series (July 15-18), a series of community-hosted films and conversations on topics of freedom. Each host community is presenting a series of conversation-provoking films, followed by an open dialogue. By mixing cultural perspectives with the short films preceding each feature, each screening and discussion will cultivate cross-cultural compassion and demonstrate the provocative power of independent cinema.

Admission to each program is free, with a $5 minimum donation suggested to benefit the hosting organization.

Click here for the complete Freedom Series program and schedule -- and to download an official Venue Map.

Read John Beifuss' coverage of the Freedom Series in today's Commercial Appeal on his blog, The Bloodshot Eye.

Indie Memphis director Erik Jambor presenting 'Hard Core Logo' as part of the Reel to Real series at The Brooks -- Thursday, June 17th

For the June installment of the Brooks Museum of Art's "Reel to Real" series, Indie Memphis director Erik Jambor will screen Bruce McDonald's 1996 feature film, Hard Core Logo. The film follows a punk rock band on its harrowing, last gasp reunion tour throughout Western Canada. Several noted punk musicians, including Joey Ramone, play themselves in cameos. Hard Core Logo has been frequently ranked amongst the greatest movies ever to come out of Canada.

"I first saw Hard Core Logo in 1997 at the Slamdance Film Festival, which runs concurrently with the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. I had wandered into the screening knowing absolutely nothing about the film and had a career-changing experience that left me wanting to find a way to bring films like that back to my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Two years later we were preparing for the first annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival (complete with Hard Core Logo's Alabama premiere), and I was at the beginning of a new career that would eventually bring me to Memphis," said Indie Memphis director Erik Jambor.

"To this day, whenever I attend a film festival, I hope to find a film that hits me with the same visceral impact that Hard Core Logo did back in '97. The film is a great example of the unexpected discoveries that are key to a great film festival experience -- the sort of unexpected discoveries we work to bring to Memphis each October for audiences to explore at the Indie Memphis Film Festival."

When: 7 pm Thursday, June 17

Where: Brooks Museum of Art

Admission: $8 / $6 for Indie Memphis members
Click here to learn about the benefits of Indie Memphis membership.

Joe Dick (Hugh Dillon) and Billy Tallent (Callum Keith Rennie) Joe Dick (Hugh Dillon) and Billy Tallent (Callum Keith Rennie)

Will one of the best films to come out of Canada this decade find an audience in America? Saddled on the albatross of Quentin Tarantino's Rolling Thunder releasing and elephant's graveyard, it's not too likely. I reviewed this film last year for the SXSW film festival where QT saw it, bought it and stuck it on the shelf with all of the other films he likes until it was just now released in L.A. and New York. If you liked Spinal Tap, punk rock, or just good films, see this while you can.

Hard Core Logo is the fictional documentary of the reunion by a "legendary" Canadian punk band of the same name. Not stopping there, an actual tribute album has been produced as well as the detailed history and discography of the band found on their amazing website listed above. Based on the book by Michael Turner, lead singer Joe Dick, lead guitarist Billy Talent, bassist John Oxenburger, and drummer Pipefitter reunited for a benefit show for their mentor Bucky Haight. Dick brings in filmmaker Bruce McDonald (as himself) to record the event and subsequent tour he's cajoled from his bandmates. What follows is Apocalypse Now, only funnier.

All now in their mid-thirties, they're ripped from their stable, if uneventful, existences and thrown back into an old bakery van hurtling across Canada. They crack. Then, the tour gets really weird. This year I WILL say this is the perfect punk rock movie. It's also a great film on how friendships change. Time has only made me appreciate the taste of this film, I just wish I could share it with everyone else.

~ Ron Wells, FilmThreat (1998)

'Daylight Fades' to premiere on June 15th -- Indie Memphis members can buy their tickets today at a $3 discount

Indie Memphis and the Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission / MemphisED present the premiere of Daylight Fades on Tuesday, June 15th at the Malco Paradiso for two screenings with the filmmakers, cast, and crew in attendance.

A portion of proceeds benefit the 13th annual Indie Memphis Film Festival.

Daylight Fades is the latest feature film from Old School Pictures who have been making films in Memphis for over a decade. Their previous two films, Act One (2005) and Path of Fear (2002), each earned the Indie Memphis Best Narrative Feature Hometowner award.

The film, shot on RED HD during January 2009, features forty locations throughout the South Main District and Cooper Young area, plus tracks and score by Memphis musicians.

Daylight Fades is described as "a vampire film for the living."

What: 'Daylight Fades' premiere

When: Tuesday, June 15

Where: Malco Paradiso

Admission: $14 ** / Available to the general pubic at beginning June 1st

** Indie Memphis members will be emailed a code to buy their tickets
at a $3 discount before they go on sale to the general public.

Join or renew your membership today!

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'Act One' screening tonight at Trolly Tour

Revel in a bit of old school nostalgia tonight with Old School Pictures', Act One.

Act One will screen at 9 pm, outdoors at the South Main Trolley Tour in Downtown Memphis (corner of South Main and G.E. Patterson). The screening is presented by Delphinium Boutique, Indie Memphis and Old School Pictures. Popcorn, food from Harry's Detour, and refreshments from Calhoun's Sports Bar will be available all night.

What: 'Act One' outdoor screening

When: 9 pm Friday, May 28

Where: South Main Trolley Tour

Come early -- between 6 - 9 pm -- to tour the art galleries and businesses in South Main... and also enjoy circus-themed entertainment from magicians, fire throwers, and other street performers!

Indie Memphis celebrates the cinema of Tunisia with Memphis in May -- Thursday, May 6th at The Brooks Museum of Art

Indie Memphis is proud to partner with the Memphis in May International Festival for the 4th year in a row to celebrate the cinema of their honored country -- this year presenting a special screening of Tunisian native Zran Mohamed's award-winning documentary, 'Being Here,' at the Brooks Museum of Art.

Winner of the Best New Middle Eastern Documentary Director award at the 2009 Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi, 'Being Here' portrays the perception between tradition and modernity through a collection of portraits of small-town inhabitants in southern Tunisia. Revolving a Jewish storekeeper named Simon, the inhabitants of a small town in the southern Tunisia meet to talk with each other and speak about themselves, their town and the world at large.

When: 7 pm Thursday, May 6th

Where: Brooks Museum of Art

Admission: $6 per ticket
** Free for members of Indie Memphis and The Brooks. **
Click here to buy advance tickets.
Click here to learn about Indie Memphis memberships.

A hardware shop in southeast Tunisia is the unlikely arena for some pertinent political and philosophical discussions in Mohamed Zran's heartfelt tribute to conversation, philosophy, and peace. Behind his shop counter, Simon is confidant and ringmaster to the chattier inhabitants of Zarziz, a small city in the south of Tunisia. Among many others, a progressive teacher, a dreaming artist, a taxi-driver, and a jovial marriage-fixer pass between the store's shelves. 'There in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel, they make war in the name of ideals, chimera, values and follies... Everywhere, agitation is having the upper hand in a world where everybody is trying to find their own little room,' writes director Mohamed Zran. 'Here, in Zarziz, a feeling of peace is covering the elements.' Uncovering the true world of the Middle East, Being Here showcases the day-to-day reality of most of its peaceful inhabitants, those quick to smile and eager to co-exist."

-- Middle East International Film Festival

Global Lens Film Series moves to the Summer with the support of the First Tennessee Foundation, runs May 13th – July 29th at The Brooks

Indie Memphis is thrilled to be one of eleven Memphis arts organization selected to receive a First Tennessee Foundation Award for Innovation in the Arts. The annual award, which promotes artistic excellence in the Memphis community, allows Indie Memphis to grow the acclaimed Global Lens Film Series into a stand-alone Summer program at The Brooks.

Presented by Indie Memphis and the Brooks Museum of Art, the 2010 Global Lens Film Series is made possible through the support of the First Tennessee Foundation and is sponsored by the Memphis Flyer and the Global Film Initiative. The series features ten award-winning narrative feature films from around the world, which will screen at The Brooks from May 13 – July 29.

Tickets are $6 per film or $30 for a series "passport" to all 10 films, each of which will screen twice. Admission is free for Indie Memphis members or with a Brooks VIP Film Pass. Advance tickets can be purchased by calling (901) 544-6208.

Promoting cross-cultural understanding through cinema, the Global Lens Film Series was launched by the Global Film Initiative in 2004 to support the distribution of unique and critically acclaimed cinematic works from around the world. Since its founding, the series has provided a platform for exceptional storytelling and opened a window into the diverse world in which we live. In recent times, no medium has been as effective at communicating the range and diversity of the world’s cultures as the cinematic arts.

A fixture of the annual Indie Memphis Film Festival since 2007, the new summer schedule will allow the series to expand its audience and give more people the opportunity to experience some –- or all -– of the films in the program.

The 2010 Global Lens Film Series includes the U.S. premiere of Bui Thac Chuyen's provocative Vietnamese drama "Adrift" (Venice International Film Festival) and "Masquerades" (Best Feature, Dubai International Film Festival), Algeria's official submission to the foreign language category of the 2009 Academy Awards. Also featured are critical favorites "Ordinary People" (Best Film, Sarajevo Film Festival), "The Shaft" (New Directors/New Films) and South African tour-de-force "Shirley Adams" (Best Actress, Durban International Film Festival). Additionally, the series presents the U.S. premiere of Granaz Moussavi's Iranian independent film, "My Tehran For Sale" (Toronto International Film Festival) and the North American premiere of "Ocean Of An Old Man" (Pusan International Film Festival) -- the first film ever to be shot on India's Andaman and Nicobar islands.

2010 Global Lens Film Series
Lineup and Schedule:

MASQUERADES (Mascarades) -- Algeria
7 pm Thursday, May 13 & 2 pm Thursday, May 20 @ The Brooks

In MASQUERADES (2008 / 92 minutes), an Algerian gardener dreams of improving his family's fortune and gaining a measure of respect by marrying off his narcoleptic sister to a "real gentleman." Beautifully brought to life by a memorable cast -- including director Salem as the cocky but compassionate gardener -- this heartfelt comedy suggests that when dreams become reality, it's time to wake up. Presented in Arabic with English subtitles.

SHIRLEY ADAMS -- South Africa
2 pm Sunday, May 16 & 2 pm Friday, May 21 @ The Brooks

In SHIRLEY ADAMS (2009 / 92 minutes), a deeply affecting portrait of ordinary courage in present-day South Africa, a single mother -- Shirley Adams -- struggles to care for her paraplegic teenage son in a depressed district on the outskirts of Cape Town. First-time director Oliver Hermanus' observant camera holds close to its subjects, capturing the claustrophobia, intimacy and hushed anguish surrounding the tender daily routines of a mother and her child. Presented in English and Afrikaans with English subtitles.

7 pm Thursday, May 27 & 2 pm Thursday, June 3 @ The Brooks

In ORDINARY PEOPLE (2009 / 79 minutes), a busload of young soldiers is sent to a remote location in the countryside and given a macabre task: the execution of a number of civilians. A new recruit, initially objects, but as he moves from one killing to the next, he is swept up by the specter of military authority, and quickly becomes desensitized by the apparently routine nature of his task. Set in an unspecified time of conflict in the Balkans, director Vladimir Perisic's highly attuned and unsentimental lens captures the psychological toll of war on its participants, and the universal struggle of all soldiers to reconcile morality with action. Presented in Serbian with English subtitles.

2 pm Sunday, May 30 & 2 pm Friday, June 4 @ The Brooks

In MY TEHRAN FOR SALE (2009 / 97 minutes), a riveting, insider's perspective on life in Iran's capital city, a terminally ill actress wearily relates her desperate quest for political asylum through a series of interviews with an unsympathetic government official. Set against the backdrop of Tehran's thriving arts culture, and framed through a series of artful and dramatic flashback sequences, poet-turned-filmmaker Granaz Moussavi boldly registers the trials of a modern woman struggling to flourish in Iran's contemporary political climate. Presented in English and Farsi with English subtitles.

LEO'S ROOM-- Uruguay

In LEO'S ROOM (2009 / 92 minutes), the affable but secretly troubled Leo wraps himself in the comfort of his small rented room, unmotivated to finish his college thesis or find a job. A chance reunion forces him to consider the true meaning of his reclusive lifestyle. Featuring an affecting soundtrack and an equally endearing cast of characters, director Enrique Buchichio's affirming drama is a unique vision of isolation and coming-of-age set against a modern tale of romance and friendship. Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

In BECLOUD (2009 / 111 minutes), a trucker and his companion find a baby boy at the dry breast of its dead mother on a dry lakebed in 1964. Years later the trucker operates an ice factory in a poor urban district with his son. In this shrewd and well-acted story, director Alejandro Gerber Bicecci turns a tangled neighborhood tale into an enthralling mix of history, memory and atonement, creating an unexpected parable of modern Mexico itself. Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

GODS -- Peru
7 pm Thursday, June 24 & 2 pm Thursday, July 1 @ The Brooks

7 pm Thursday, July 8 & 2 pm Thursday, July 15 @ The Brooks

In OCEAN OF AN OLD MAN (India / 2008 / 84 minutes), set in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami amid the stunning natural beauty of India's Andaman and Nicobar islands, an elderly British teacher struggles to run a small primary school despite the loss of many of the islands' children to the recent tragedy. Blending exquisite vistas with the ubiquitous sound of the ocean to convey the precarious balance between human life and the inexorable forces of nature, Rajesh Shera's debut feature quietly unfolds as a delicate meditation on grief and loss. Presented in Hindi with English subtitles.

ADRIFT (Choi Voi) -- Vietnam
2 pm Sunday, July 11 & 2 pm Friday, July 16 @ The Brooks

In ADRIFT (2009 / 110 minutes), newlywed Duyen's excitement begins to fade soon after her wedding as she realizes her young husband is overly occupied by his job and doting mother. As her emotional isolation grows, she reaches out to her closest girlfriend who pushes her into the arms of a dangerous and provocative suitor. Saturated with erotic tension, director Bui Thac Chuyen's sensuous and absorbing second feature traces the emotional and psychological landscapes of lust and desire, weaving an atmospheric tale of love and life in modern Hanoi. Presented in Vietnamese with English subtitles.

THE SHAFT (Dixia De Tiankong) -- China
7 pm Thursday, July 22 & 2 pm Thursday, July 29 @ The Brooks

In THE SHAFT (2008 / 98 minutes), set in a poor mining town in western China, the stories of a father and his two children intersect and intertwine, illuminating complicated relationships hidden beneath the community's hardened exterior. Writer-director Zhang Chi's wise and poetic debut delicately expresses the turmoil of emotion and expectation wrought by a calloused and difficult existence. Presented in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Presented by Indie Memphis and the Brooks Museum of Art, the 2010 Global Lens Film Series is made possible through the support of the First Tennessee Foundation and is sponsored by the Memphis Flyer and the Global Film Initiative.

Indie Memphis sets 13th annual film festival for October 21-24, 2010; opens Call-For-Entries

Named one of the "25 Coolest Film Festivals" in the Summer 2009 issue of MovieMaker Magazine, the Indie Memphis Film Festival is now accepting submissions for its 13th annual festival, set for October 21-24, 2010 in Midtown Memphis, the city's cultural center and home to a plethora of restaurants, bars and clubs. The festival highlights Regional Filmmaking and brings new independent work to Memphis from all corners of the country while continuing its thirteen year tradition of providing a showcase for Southern filmmaking, specifically highlighting the work of Memphis filmmakers.

Click here for complete rules and regulations
and to submit through Withoutabox or download a PDF entry form.

Postmark Deadlines and Entry Fees:
Earlybird Deadline - April 12 - $30 for features / $20 for shorts
Regular Deadline - May 17 - $40 for features / $30 for shorts
Late Deadline - June 21 - $50 for features / $40 for shorts
($5 discount for student filmmakers - Proof of student status required.)

Local Production Waiver:
Films of any category or length that were at least 50% shot in Memphis or Shelby County, Tennessee may take an entry fee waiver on their first submission to the festival.

Scott Teems, Elvis Mitchell and Ray McKinnon at Indie Memphis 2009's Opening Night screening of 'That Evening Sun' Scott Teems, Elvis Mitchell and Ray McKinnon at Indie Memphis 2009

Last year's Indie Memphis Film Festival saw an attendance increase of more than 30% for the second year in a row -- bringing the overall festival attendance to a record-setting 7,200 attendees. Over 80 filmmakers, industry veterans and special guests from across the United States came to Memphis to screen their work at the 2009 festival, participate in panel discussions, and connect with each other and other attendees, including former New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell ("The Black List," host of KCRW's "The Treatment"), Craig Brewer ("Hustle & Flow," "$5 Cover"), Peter Gilbert ("Hoop Dreams," "At The Death House Door"), Ray McKinnon ("The Blind Side," "The Accountant"), Barry Corbin ("No Country For Old Men," "Northern Exposure"), Joe Swanberg ("Hannah Takes The Stairs," "Alexander the Last"), Cory McAbee ("The American Astronaut," "Stingray Sam"), Heidi Van Lier (The Indie Film Rule Book) and Chris Holland (Film Festival Secrets). Other past attendees and special guests have included John Sayles ("Matewan"), Ira Sachs ("Forty Shades of Blue"); Giancarlo Esposito ("Do The Right Thing"), Angela Bassett ("What's Love Got To Do With It"), Joey Lauren Adams ("Chasing Amy"), Albert Maysles ("Grey Gardens," "Gimme Shelter"), and Bob Mondello (National Public Radio).

The Alloy Orchestra presenting Buster Keatons The General at Indie Memphis 2009. The Alloy Orchestra presenting Buster Keaton's "The General" at Indie Memphis 2009.

With roots that run deep in the cultural landscape Memphis is most famous for, Indie Memphis is about more than film -- and the 2009 festival set new milestones connecting music and film: Memphis musicians performed live in the movie theater auditoriums before screenings, exposing audience members to true, independent Memphis music; the Alloy Orchestra performed their acclaimed live accompaniments to silent film classics "The General" and "Man With A Movie Camera;" singer / songwriter Robyn Hitchcock performed an intimate solo concert to close the festival at Malco Theatres' Studio on the Square, and Elvis Prelsey returned to the Levitt Shell for a free outdoor screening of "Elvis: '68 Special."

Indie Memphis is an ArtsMemphis funded non-profit organization. Special support is provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Other Indie Memphis Film Festival sponsors and supporters include: Malco Theatres, the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission, the Tennessee Film, Entertainment & Music Commission, the Memphis Music Foundation, Combustion, Modern Production Concepts, the Memphis Flyer, Live From Memphis, the Independent Film Channel, Comcast, Kodak, Dorothy Kirsch and the Hohenberg Foundation.

"I've had screenings of my films all around the world. I've watched my films
premiere at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles, as well as the Prince's Palace in Marrakech.
But there has never been an experience to equal my premiere at Indie Memphis."
~ Craig Brewer, "Hustle & Flow," on screening "The Poor & Hungry" in 2000

"Local support is imperative to any great festival, and the Memphians fill
the theaters and embrace the films and moviemakers as their own... Memphis rolls out the
red carpet and spreads its loving arms wide, pulling you in for a big ol' bear hug, saying
'We're glad you're here; -- just like mama would."
~ Scott Teems, "That Evening Sun," in MovieMaker Magazine (Winter 2010)

"Indie Memphis has so much that I look for in a film festival:
Programming with a thoughtful and idiosyncratic point of view that reflects its leadership,
and reaches out to promising new filmmakers whose work has an unmistakable sense of place;
an excited and eager community that attends the films in force looking to be surprised by the fare, rather than congratulated for coming out; and, oh yeah, barbeque."
~ Elvis Mitchell, 2008 & 2009 festival juror / Host of KCRW's The Treatment

Preview screening of 'The Runaways' -- 10:30 am, Thursday, April 1st

The Runaways

(105 min. / USA / color)

Of all the bands to come out of the 1970s Los Angeles music scene, The Runaways are by far the most uniquely fascinating. This is partially due to their music but more so to the fact that they were teenage girls whose wild and reckless lifestyle was the stuff of legend.

Focusing on the duo of guitarist/vocalist Joan Jett and lead vocalist Cherie Currie as they navigate a rocky road of touring and record-label woes, the film chronicles the band's formation as well as their meteoric rise under the malevolent eye of an abusive manager.

Acclaimed video artist Floria Sigismondi directs from her own script, and her luscious camerawork captures every sweaty detail -- from the filthy trailer where the women practice to the mosh pits of Tokyo. What really makes the film cook are the sizzling performances by Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. Not to be missed, The Runaways is an ode to an era and a groundbreaking band.

~ Sundance Film Festival

Indie Memphis presents the 'Found Footage Festival' -- Wednesday, April 14th

Get ready for the Found Footage Festival -- a one-of-a-kind event showcasing videos found at garage sales and thrift stores and in warehouses and dumpsters throughout the country. Curators Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (Late Show with David Letterman) will be on hand to host the screening and provide their unique observations and commentary on these found video obscurities. From the curiously-produced industrial training video to the forsaken home movie donated to Goodwill, the Found Footage Festival resurrects these forgotten treasures and serves them up in a lively celebration of all things found.

When: 7:30 pm, Wednesday, April 14th

Where: Malco Theatres' Studio on the Square (2105 Court Ave.)

Special Offer: Get 2 tickets plus a copy of the new Vol. 4 DVD for only $30!

Tickets available at the door beginning at 6:30 pm the night of the screening.

No one under 18 admitted.

It all began in 1991, when Joe and Nick began collecting found videotapes after stumbling across a training video entitled, "Inside and Outside Custodial Duties" in a McDonald's break room. In the 18 years since then, they have compiled an impressive collection of strange, outrageous and profoundly stupid videos found in garage sales and thrift stores, and in warehouses and dumpsters across the country. Since its first tour in 2004, the Found Footage Festival has gone on to sell out hundreds of shows across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., including the HBO Comedy Festival at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. The festival has been featured on National Public Radio, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and G4 TV's Attack Of The Show, and has been named a critic's pick in dozens of publications, including The Village Voice, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle ("Riotous!"), ("Skull-crushingly funny."), The Stranger, and The Chicago Tribune.

Two rules govern the Found Footage Festival:
1) Footage must be found on physical format. No YouTube.
2) It has to be unintentionally funny. Whatever it’s trying to do, it has to fail miserably at that.

Among the videos featured in the 2010 program:
-- A collection of the worst Saturday morning cartoons ever to surface on VHS
-- Highlights from a 1987 video dating reel found by David Cross
-- A home movie taken at a 1985 heavy metal festival outside Washington, D.C.
-- A brand-new compilation of exercise videos featuring Dolph Lundgren, Milton Berle, and WWF's The Bushwhackers

Found Footage Festival

Indie Memphis '09 Best Narrative Feature, 'That Evening Sun,' returns to Memphis, Friday, March 19th -- Actor/Producer Ray McKinnon in attendance Opening Night for Q&A with John Beifuss of The Commercial Appeal

That Evening Sun

That Evening Sun, the 2009 Indie Memphis Film Festival jury award-winner for Best Narrative Feature, returns to Memphis this Friday, March 19th, for an exclusive engagement at Malco's Ridgeway Four. Don't miss your chance to see this acclaimed indie in all its 35mm glory!

** At the 7:10 pm showing on Friday, March 19th, Indie Memphis will host a Q&A after the screening with Co-Star / Producer / Oscar-winner Ray McKinnon (The Blind Side, Deadwood, The Accountant), moderated by John Beifuss of The Commercial Appeal. -- Click here to buy advance tickets for this special screening!

Visit for complete showtimes and ticket info.

That Evening Sun is based on the short story I Hate to See that Evening Sun Go Down by acclaimed Tennessee author William Gay. Hal Holbrook plays Abner Meecham, an aging Tennessee Farmer who returns to his farm to reclaim what is rightfully his. A ruthless grudge match begins when the tenants in possession of the lease and farm refuse to give up the land. The film also stars Ray McKinnon (The Blind Side, O' Brother Where Art Thou?, Deadwood), Walton Goggins (The Shield, Justified), Barry Corbin (No Country for Old Men, The Closer, Northern Exposure), Carrie Preston (True Blood, Sex in the City) and Mia Wasikowska (Defiance, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland).

In addition to it's Best Narrative Feature award at the 2009 Indie Memphis Film Festival, That Evening Sun has won top prizes at 10 other film festivals including South by Southwest, Nashville, Atlanta, Sarasota, Little Rock, Newport, Sidewalk, Secret City, New Hampshire and Naples International Film Festival. The film also received the Wyatt Award from the Southeastern Film Critics, presented for the film that best represents the South.

FuelFilm's "It Starts with a Script" -- Saturday, March 20th

With guest speakers and facilitators including entertainment attorneys, screenwriting professors and profressional screenwriters, join other Memphis filmmakers for an informative and action-oriented workshop focused on the best practices of writing for film.

When: Saturday, March 20th @ 1 pm

Where: University of Memphis (255 University Center)

Admission: $10

Award-winning Memphis features, 'The Conversion' and 'Cigarette Girl,' begin week-long run at the Studio on the Square -- Friday, March 19th

Corduroy Wednesday's The Conversion and Mike McCarthy's Cigarette Girl have landed a week-long run at Malco's Studio on the Square beginning this Friday, March 19th. Showtimes alternate daily - Visit for showtimes and ticket info.

Get out and support local film!

'The Conversion' and 'Cigarette Girl'

2009 Indie Memphis Film Festival -- Best Hometowner Feature
The Conversion
June 12, 2009, the day America ushers in a bright new future, or is it? The government mandate to convert analog television signals to digital promised to be a smooth transition, however, something went wrong. America plunges into digital chaos as television, radio and internet fall silent. Is it a fluke or an attack? The government is hush as conspiracy abounds and the truth hides within tiny ones and zeros.

2009 Arizona Underground Film Festival -- Director's Choice Award
Cigarette Girl
It's 2035 and smokers are demonized for their dirty habits, forced into a ghetto known simply as the Smoking Section where mainstream non-smoking society hopes its nicotine addicted inhabitants will simply vanish. Put simply: it's not the place you want to be walking through at night. In this Smoking Section, "Cigarette Girl" spends her days selling smokes at under market much to the chagrin of the Vice Lord who runs the Smoking Section. Then Cigarette Girl's grandmother contracts emphysema and Cigarette Girl decides to kick the habit. After three days of cold turkey Cigarette Girl has to kill for a smoke - or be killed in the Smoking Section.

Pure "smokesploitation," Cigarette Girl mixes misfit social commentary with beautiful babes and bad boys, guns and glamour, and lots of cigarettes, all shot with the feel of a classic drive-in grindhouse roughie. McCarthy's works include the crowd pleasing Sore Losers and Teenage Tupelo, regarded as a classic of the underground-into-indie film scene of the '90s.

Indie Memphis presents 'The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights' - Tuesday, March 16th at the Studio on the Square

Indie Memphis presents The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights a visual and emotional feature-length film documenting The White Stripes making their way through Canada and culminating with their 10th anniversary show in Nova Scotia.

...can be credibly included alongside such canonical rock-docs as Gimme Shelter and Don't Look Back."
-- Los Angeles Times

When: 7:30 pm, Tuesday, March 16th

Where: Malco Theatres' Studio on the Square (2105 Court Ave.)

Admission: Free for Indie Memphis members / $5 for the general public.
Die Hard Fan Special: Come fully-dressed in White Stripes colors, and you can get in for free without an Indie Memphis membership!

Tickets available at the door beginning at 6:30 pm the night of the screening.

Sponsored by Pam & Rick O'Brien.

In the summer of 2007, shortly after the release of their 6th album, "Icky Thump," The White Stripes headed north of their hometown of Detroit to embark on an ambitious journey across Canada. The plan was to play a show in every province and territory in Canada, from B.C. to Newfoundland to Nunavut.

"Having never done a tour of Canada, Meg and I thought it was high time to go whole hog... from the ocean to the permafrost," said Jack White. "We wanted to play out of the way towns that don't usually get shows... the shows are better, it's better for the people, it's a better experience, it's way more unique, something interesting is going to happen... hopefully."

Indie Memphis director at Greater Memphis Chamber's Breakfast Forum

Jambor said Memphis can leverage its brand and grow into a cultural force if enough sponsors see the real economic benefit.

"So we find ourselves at a tipping point," he said. "Do we settle back to where we were for so many years before? Or do we seize the opportunity to use this momentum to push beyond national accolades and magazine rankings to build for Memphis a festival on equal footing with those in Nashville, Atlanta and Birmingham – one that can have actual, long-lasting economic impact?

"I think the answer is obvious, and the time is now."

Click hereMemphis Daily News.

Free Film Crew Workshops - Sunday, March 7th

Learn from the real pro's: The Memphis & Shelby County Film and Television Commission/MemphisED and Malco Theatres, Inc. present Film Crew Boot Camp: How To Survive In The Changing World Of Film.

The informational seminar is produced by Sundance Grand Jury Prize-Winning Producer Michael (Mike) S. Ryan.

The seminar is free and open to film crew of Greater Memphis.

Topics include:

-- "How to Protect Yourself on a Low-Budget Film"

-- "The Union Perspective vs. The Non-Union Perspective" (with Mike Ryan, Teamster Local 984 President/Business Manager Terry Lovan, and I.A.T.S.E.-Studio Mechanics Tennessee President, Two-time Academy Award-Nominee Peter Kurland)

Indie Memphis alumni win big at the Spirit Awards

Indie Memphis alumni won big at Film Independent's 25th annual Spirit Awards, which took place on Friday, March 5th.

Lynn Shelton Lynn Shelton

The John Cassavetes Award (given to the best feature made for under $500,000) went to Humpday by Lynn Shelton, who directed the Indie Memphis '08 feature My Effortless Brilliance and is currently in post on $5 Cover: Seattle

Kyle Patrick Alvarez won the Acura Someone to Watch Award for his film Easier With Practice, which was awarded a Special Jury Award for Ensemble Cast at Indie Memphis '09. The film also received a Spirit Award nomination for Best First Feature

Finally, the Truer Than Fiction Award went to Bill Ross and Turner Ross' Indie Memphis '09 documentary fave 45365.

Additional nominations went to Tom Quinn's The New Year Parade, which won the 2008 Indie Memphis jury award for Best Feature. Indie Memphis '09 Best Narrative Feature winner, That Evening Sun, was nominated for Best Supporting Male (Raymond McKinnon) and Best Supporting Female (Mia Wasikowska).

Click here to read IndieWire's full report of the Spirit Award winners.

FuelFilm's "Pitch In" - Saturday, Feb. 13th

The FuelFilm "Pitch In" is a workshop to inspire, motivate and challenge screenwriters and filmmakers to focus their film idea into the perfect pitch.

Featuring a 20 min. intro and motivational discussion with screenwriter/author David Gerrold via video conference, followed by round-table feedback workshops to hone your story idea and elements, treatment or screenplay into a coherent and compelling one-minute pitch in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

When: Saturday, Feb. 13th @ 1 pm

Where: Emerge Memphis (516 Tennessee St.)

Admission: $10 (includes snacks & deli lunch)

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