Join Indie Memphis in celebration of Women's History Month with WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? -- 7 pm Saturday, March 26 @ University of Memphis

For Women's History Month, Indie Memphis partners with the University of Memphis Women and Gender Studies Program to celebrate women artists with the documentary film Who Does She Think She Is? and a panel discussion. Following the discussion will be a dance, music and poetry revue.

What: Who Does She Think She Is?

When: 7 pm Saturday, March 26

Where: University of Memphis - University Center Theater

Admission: FREE

Who Does She Think She Is? focuses on five particularly bold women artists, each radically different in background, race, religious creed and choice of artistic field. But they all share the common challenge of making careers in various art worlds. Simultaneous to their creative existence, they are pulled in different directions as they try to answer the competing demands of artistic fulfillment, marriage, motherhood and economic survival. From Hawaii's Big Island to the suburbs of Ohio, from New York City to the deserts of New Mexico, Who Does She Think She Is? follows five women, ranging in age from 27 to 65, as they each chart a path to create their individual type of art.