Global Lens Film Series moves to the Summer with the support of the First Tennessee Foundation, runs May 13th – July 29th at The Brooks

Indie Memphis is thrilled to be one of eleven Memphis arts organization selected to receive a First Tennessee Foundation Award for Innovation in the Arts. The annual award, which promotes artistic excellence in the Memphis community, allows Indie Memphis to grow the acclaimed Global Lens Film Series into a stand-alone Summer program at The Brooks.

Presented by Indie Memphis and the Brooks Museum of Art, the 2010 Global Lens Film Series is made possible through the support of the First Tennessee Foundation and is sponsored by the Memphis Flyer and the Global Film Initiative. The series features ten award-winning narrative feature films from around the world, which will screen at The Brooks from May 13 – July 29.

Tickets are $6 per film or $30 for a series "passport" to all 10 films, each of which will screen twice. Admission is free for Indie Memphis members or with a Brooks VIP Film Pass. Advance tickets can be purchased by calling (901) 544-6208.

Promoting cross-cultural understanding through cinema, the Global Lens Film Series was launched by the Global Film Initiative in 2004 to support the distribution of unique and critically acclaimed cinematic works from around the world. Since its founding, the series has provided a platform for exceptional storytelling and opened a window into the diverse world in which we live. In recent times, no medium has been as effective at communicating the range and diversity of the world’s cultures as the cinematic arts.

A fixture of the annual Indie Memphis Film Festival since 2007, the new summer schedule will allow the series to expand its audience and give more people the opportunity to experience some –- or all -– of the films in the program.

The 2010 Global Lens Film Series includes the U.S. premiere of Bui Thac Chuyen's provocative Vietnamese drama "Adrift" (Venice International Film Festival) and "Masquerades" (Best Feature, Dubai International Film Festival), Algeria's official submission to the foreign language category of the 2009 Academy Awards. Also featured are critical favorites "Ordinary People" (Best Film, Sarajevo Film Festival), "The Shaft" (New Directors/New Films) and South African tour-de-force "Shirley Adams" (Best Actress, Durban International Film Festival). Additionally, the series presents the U.S. premiere of Granaz Moussavi's Iranian independent film, "My Tehran For Sale" (Toronto International Film Festival) and the North American premiere of "Ocean Of An Old Man" (Pusan International Film Festival) -- the first film ever to be shot on India's Andaman and Nicobar islands.

2010 Global Lens Film Series
Lineup and Schedule:

MASQUERADES (Mascarades) -- Algeria
7 pm Thursday, May 13 & 2 pm Thursday, May 20 @ The Brooks

In MASQUERADES (2008 / 92 minutes), an Algerian gardener dreams of improving his family's fortune and gaining a measure of respect by marrying off his narcoleptic sister to a "real gentleman." Beautifully brought to life by a memorable cast -- including director Salem as the cocky but compassionate gardener -- this heartfelt comedy suggests that when dreams become reality, it's time to wake up. Presented in Arabic with English subtitles.

SHIRLEY ADAMS -- South Africa
2 pm Sunday, May 16 & 2 pm Friday, May 21 @ The Brooks

In SHIRLEY ADAMS (2009 / 92 minutes), a deeply affecting portrait of ordinary courage in present-day South Africa, a single mother -- Shirley Adams -- struggles to care for her paraplegic teenage son in a depressed district on the outskirts of Cape Town. First-time director Oliver Hermanus' observant camera holds close to its subjects, capturing the claustrophobia, intimacy and hushed anguish surrounding the tender daily routines of a mother and her child. Presented in English and Afrikaans with English subtitles.

7 pm Thursday, May 27 & 2 pm Thursday, June 3 @ The Brooks

In ORDINARY PEOPLE (2009 / 79 minutes), a busload of young soldiers is sent to a remote location in the countryside and given a macabre task: the execution of a number of civilians. A new recruit, initially objects, but as he moves from one killing to the next, he is swept up by the specter of military authority, and quickly becomes desensitized by the apparently routine nature of his task. Set in an unspecified time of conflict in the Balkans, director Vladimir Perisic's highly attuned and unsentimental lens captures the psychological toll of war on its participants, and the universal struggle of all soldiers to reconcile morality with action. Presented in Serbian with English subtitles.

2 pm Sunday, May 30 & 2 pm Friday, June 4 @ The Brooks

In MY TEHRAN FOR SALE (2009 / 97 minutes), a riveting, insider's perspective on life in Iran's capital city, a terminally ill actress wearily relates her desperate quest for political asylum through a series of interviews with an unsympathetic government official. Set against the backdrop of Tehran's thriving arts culture, and framed through a series of artful and dramatic flashback sequences, poet-turned-filmmaker Granaz Moussavi boldly registers the trials of a modern woman struggling to flourish in Iran's contemporary political climate. Presented in English and Farsi with English subtitles.

LEO'S ROOM-- Uruguay

In LEO'S ROOM (2009 / 92 minutes), the affable but secretly troubled Leo wraps himself in the comfort of his small rented room, unmotivated to finish his college thesis or find a job. A chance reunion forces him to consider the true meaning of his reclusive lifestyle. Featuring an affecting soundtrack and an equally endearing cast of characters, director Enrique Buchichio's affirming drama is a unique vision of isolation and coming-of-age set against a modern tale of romance and friendship. Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

In BECLOUD (2009 / 111 minutes), a trucker and his companion find a baby boy at the dry breast of its dead mother on a dry lakebed in 1964. Years later the trucker operates an ice factory in a poor urban district with his son. In this shrewd and well-acted story, director Alejandro Gerber Bicecci turns a tangled neighborhood tale into an enthralling mix of history, memory and atonement, creating an unexpected parable of modern Mexico itself. Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

GODS -- Peru
7 pm Thursday, June 24 & 2 pm Thursday, July 1 @ The Brooks

7 pm Thursday, July 8 & 2 pm Thursday, July 15 @ The Brooks

In OCEAN OF AN OLD MAN (India / 2008 / 84 minutes), set in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami amid the stunning natural beauty of India's Andaman and Nicobar islands, an elderly British teacher struggles to run a small primary school despite the loss of many of the islands' children to the recent tragedy. Blending exquisite vistas with the ubiquitous sound of the ocean to convey the precarious balance between human life and the inexorable forces of nature, Rajesh Shera's debut feature quietly unfolds as a delicate meditation on grief and loss. Presented in Hindi with English subtitles.

ADRIFT (Choi Voi) -- Vietnam
2 pm Sunday, July 11 & 2 pm Friday, July 16 @ The Brooks

In ADRIFT (2009 / 110 minutes), newlywed Duyen's excitement begins to fade soon after her wedding as she realizes her young husband is overly occupied by his job and doting mother. As her emotional isolation grows, she reaches out to her closest girlfriend who pushes her into the arms of a dangerous and provocative suitor. Saturated with erotic tension, director Bui Thac Chuyen's sensuous and absorbing second feature traces the emotional and psychological landscapes of lust and desire, weaving an atmospheric tale of love and life in modern Hanoi. Presented in Vietnamese with English subtitles.

THE SHAFT (Dixia De Tiankong) -- China
7 pm Thursday, July 22 & 2 pm Thursday, July 29 @ The Brooks

In THE SHAFT (2008 / 98 minutes), set in a poor mining town in western China, the stories of a father and his two children intersect and intertwine, illuminating complicated relationships hidden beneath the community's hardened exterior. Writer-director Zhang Chi's wise and poetic debut delicately expresses the turmoil of emotion and expectation wrought by a calloused and difficult existence. Presented in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Presented by Indie Memphis and the Brooks Museum of Art, the 2010 Global Lens Film Series is made possible through the support of the First Tennessee Foundation and is sponsored by the Memphis Flyer and the Global Film Initiative.