Indie Memphis celebrates the cinema of Tunisia with Memphis in May -- Thursday, May 6th at The Brooks Museum of Art

Indie Memphis is proud to partner with the Memphis in May International Festival for the 4th year in a row to celebrate the cinema of their honored country -- this year presenting a special screening of Tunisian native Zran Mohamed's award-winning documentary, 'Being Here,' at the Brooks Museum of Art.

Winner of the Best New Middle Eastern Documentary Director award at the 2009 Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi, 'Being Here' portrays the perception between tradition and modernity through a collection of portraits of small-town inhabitants in southern Tunisia. Revolving a Jewish storekeeper named Simon, the inhabitants of a small town in the southern Tunisia meet to talk with each other and speak about themselves, their town and the world at large.

When: 7 pm Thursday, May 6th

Where: Brooks Museum of Art

Admission: $6 per ticket
** Free for members of Indie Memphis and The Brooks. **
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A hardware shop in southeast Tunisia is the unlikely arena for some pertinent political and philosophical discussions in Mohamed Zran's heartfelt tribute to conversation, philosophy, and peace. Behind his shop counter, Simon is confidant and ringmaster to the chattier inhabitants of Zarziz, a small city in the south of Tunisia. Among many others, a progressive teacher, a dreaming artist, a taxi-driver, and a jovial marriage-fixer pass between the store's shelves. 'There in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel, they make war in the name of ideals, chimera, values and follies... Everywhere, agitation is having the upper hand in a world where everybody is trying to find their own little room,' writes director Mohamed Zran. 'Here, in Zarziz, a feeling of peace is covering the elements.' Uncovering the true world of the Middle East, Being Here showcases the day-to-day reality of most of its peaceful inhabitants, those quick to smile and eager to co-exist."

-- Middle East International Film Festival