Award-winning Memphis features, 'The Conversion' and 'Cigarette Girl,' begin week-long run at the Studio on the Square -- Friday, March 19th

Corduroy Wednesday's The Conversion and Mike McCarthy's Cigarette Girl have landed a week-long run at Malco's Studio on the Square beginning this Friday, March 19th. Showtimes alternate daily - Visit for showtimes and ticket info.

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'The Conversion' and 'Cigarette Girl'

2009 Indie Memphis Film Festival -- Best Hometowner Feature
The Conversion
June 12, 2009, the day America ushers in a bright new future, or is it? The government mandate to convert analog television signals to digital promised to be a smooth transition, however, something went wrong. America plunges into digital chaos as television, radio and internet fall silent. Is it a fluke or an attack? The government is hush as conspiracy abounds and the truth hides within tiny ones and zeros.

2009 Arizona Underground Film Festival -- Director's Choice Award
Cigarette Girl
It's 2035 and smokers are demonized for their dirty habits, forced into a ghetto known simply as the Smoking Section where mainstream non-smoking society hopes its nicotine addicted inhabitants will simply vanish. Put simply: it's not the place you want to be walking through at night. In this Smoking Section, "Cigarette Girl" spends her days selling smokes at under market much to the chagrin of the Vice Lord who runs the Smoking Section. Then Cigarette Girl's grandmother contracts emphysema and Cigarette Girl decides to kick the habit. After three days of cold turkey Cigarette Girl has to kill for a smoke - or be killed in the Smoking Section.

Pure "smokesploitation," Cigarette Girl mixes misfit social commentary with beautiful babes and bad boys, guns and glamour, and lots of cigarettes, all shot with the feel of a classic drive-in grindhouse roughie. McCarthy's works include the crowd pleasing Sore Losers and Teenage Tupelo, regarded as a classic of the underground-into-indie film scene of the '90s.