Indie Memphis Announces a Festival Lineup Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Memphis Filmmaking with 'Mystery Train,' 'The Poor & Hungry,' 'The Grace Card,' 'Open Five' and more!

The Grace CardIndie Memphis Film Festival

The Grace Card

Open Five,Open Five

Hannah Takes the StairsAlexander the Last

Elvis: ‘68 SpecialMystery Train

The Blues Brothers

The Poor & Hungry,

  • Audrey the Trainwreck, directed by Frank V. Ross

  • Bicycle Lane, directed by Jeffery Ruggles

  • Blackmail Boys, directed by Bernard Shumanski & Richard Shumanski

  • The Colonel's Bride, directed by Brent Stewart

  • Drones, directed by Amber Benson & Adam Busch

  • Earthwork, directed by Chris Ordal

  • Exit 117, directed by Kevin James McMullin

  • Gabi on the Roof in July, directed by Lawrence Levine

  • Mars, directed by Geoff Marslett

  • The New Year, directed by Brett Hale

  • Passenger Pigeons, directed by Martha Stephens

  • American Jihadist, directed by Mark Claywell

  • Being the Diablo, directed by Rod Murphy

  • Beijing Punk, directed by Shaun Jefford

  • General Orders No. 9, directed by Bob Persons

  • Gerrymandering, directed by Jeff Reichert

  • The Last Survivor, directed by Michael Kleiman & Michael Pertnoy

  • Queen of the Sun, directed by Taggart Siegel

  • Roll Out, Cowboy, directed by Elizabeth Lawrence

  • Thunder Soul, directed by Mark Landsman

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