Zach Galifianakis in 'VISIONEERS' @ The Brooks on July 16th

On Thursday, July 16th, Indie Memphis and The Brooks continue their year-round collaboration with the Memphis premiere of VISIONEERS, a quirky black comedy set in the near-future concerning a curious spike in cases of spontaneous human combustion.

When: 7:30 pm, Thursday, July 16th
Where: Brooks Museum of Art
Admission: $5 / FREE for Indie Memphis members and members of The Brooks.

The Brushmark Restaurant will be open for dinner. Please call 901-544-6225 for reservations

The Jeffers Corporation is the largest business in the history of mankind, and they got that way thanks to their strict philosophy of happiness through mindless productivity. But when people begin literally exploding due, Jeffers Corporation Level Three TUNT George Washington Winsterhammerman (Zach Galifianakis) begins to fear that his time will come sooner rather than later.

''This tender Orwellian satire proves unexpectedly moving''
~Hollywood Reporter

''insightful, intelligent, and melancholically funny''