Micro Cinema Club #53: 'THE BEST OF OTTAWA 2008' @ Power House Memphis on July 8th

For the 53nd edition of its monthly Micro Cinema Club program, Indie Memphis will present "The Best of Ottawa 2008," a special program of highlights from the 2008 Ottawa International Animation Festival, the largest festival of its kind in North America.

Sponsored by the Center City Commission, the screening is free and open to the public and will take place at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, July 8 at Power House Memphis (45 G.E. Patterson Avenue).

What: Micro Cinema Club #53: ''The Best of Ottawa 2008''
When: 7:30 pm, Wednesday, July 8
Where: Power House Memphis
Admission: FREE and open to the public.*

* Please bring a canned food donation for the Mid-South Food Bank.

Seating capacity is limited; attendees should plan to arrive early for seating. Please note: this program contains films not appropriate for younger audiences.

Program lineup:

OIAF 08 Signal Film by Ian Lagarde
Fake Studio | Canada | 1:35 | 2008
Ink on paper, 2D Computer, 3D Computer
"When the Ottawa International Animation Festival comes around each year, the entire world is turned upside-down."

It's Always the Same Story by Joris Clerte & Anne Morin
Senso Films & DoncvoilĂ  | France | 5:00 | 2007
2D Computer
"At the age of 16, Jean-Luc went to the cinema and saw a movie that would forever change how he looked at his father."

Cattle Call by Mike Maryniuk & Matt Rankin
Canada | 3:11 | 2008
Cut-outs, Photocopies, Pixilation, Puppets, Open exposure painting
with light, Hole punching & Letracet on 35mm

"A pixellated documentary about cattle auctioneers and their hypnotic verbal mathe'magic'."

I Slept With Cookie Monster by Kara Nasdor-Jones
Massachusetts College of Art | USA | 3:27 | 2008
Flash, Ink on paper, Pastel on paper, Rotoscope & Painted
tissue paper

"Detailing a woman's struggle with and triumph over domestic violence."

The Comic That Frenches Your Mind by Bruce Bickford
USA | 5:28 | 2008
Pencil on paper
"A drug-muddled mind tries to think back to its origins and is helped along the way by a mysterious lighthouse and childhood icons."

A Letter To Colleen by Andy London & Carolyn London
London Squared Productions | USA | 8:36 | 2007
"Andy London has been haunted by the events of his 18th birthday for years. In this short animated film set in the early 90's, he writes a letter to Colleen in an attempt to put his demons to rest."

The Mixy Tapes by David Seitz & Mike Wray
National Film Board of Canada | Canada | 6:00 | 2007
Animated Objects, Cut-outs, Pencil on paper & Pixilation
"Musician MIXYLODIAN (Mike Wray) and filmmaker David Seitz team up to tell the story of their collaborative effort to produce a film. As the duo navigates an imagined world of visual metaphors in search of the perfect idea, realities of production and problems of communication render the film increasingly problematic."

Ultimo 'Spong Ice' by Bolos Quentes Design (Duarte Amorim, Albino Tavares, Miguel Marinheiro & Sergio Couto)
Bolos Quentes Design | Portugal | 3:02 | 2008
Ink on 16mm film
"Ultimo is the last painter. The painter also makes music. The Bolos filmed and they are designers. The designers also paint."

The Control Master by Run Wrake
Sclah Films | UK | 6:45 | 2008
2D Computer & Cut-outs
"In peaceful Halftone City, a mysterious heroine and a brave ally face the ultimate threat."

Chainsaw by Dennis Tupicoff
Jungle Pictures | Australia | 25:10 | 2007
2D Computer, 3D Computer, Pencil on paper & Rotoscope
"Frank and Ava Gardner live out in the country, amongst the kookaburras and the cattle. Their jobs are menial, but they are true romantics at heart. Moving between fact and fiction, Hollywood and Spain, past and present, 'Chainsaw' is a chain of stories about romance and celebrity, machismo and chainsaws, fantasy and death. And how the natural world endures."