IndieGrant Applications are currently closed

TWo $1,500 cash grants for social justice short documentaries

The Indie Memphis IndieGrant’s Program is excited to partner with Artless Media’s The Magnifying Glass. The Magnifying Glass is a grant created to assist in micro budgeted, expediently produced progressive or radical short films that aggressively investigate social injustice. 

Our country harbors unconscionable social inequalities that too many endure at the expense of their freedom, dignity, safety and lives. The American South and Midwest has a responsibility to investigate the system its roots continue to feed. Members of the regions’ marginalized communities continue to see inequality personally magnified but publicly trivialized and, by way of silence and eventual omission, ignored.  The Magnifying Glass works to pair individuals committed to making crucially important progressive short documentaries with humble financial support and the network of exposure its partners provide.

Projects may broach a number of larger issues, including those of violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, and gun control, but the ideal proposal will be deeply specific. Projects applying in this granting cycle must plan to be widely accessible via social media or other means. Festival submissions are welcome, but the ideal winners will release the films online immediately. Preference will apply to filmmakers who are invested in documenting oppressed communities of which they are a part. While all involved organizations champion creative allyship, these grants seek to support the lenses of those who know injustice firsthand and are able to quickly bring awareness to specific injustices within their communities. Credit Artless Media  


The two winning proposals will receive $1,500 each. Ideal micro-budgeted projects will run 2-5 minutes in length and can be expediently produced with a completion deadline of July 31st, 2017. 

Submissions open Wednesday, Jan.11th and close at 11:59pm CST on Sunday, February 19, 2017. 

  • Only documentary short film proposals are welcome to submit.

  • Only one submission is allowed per filmmaker, but team proposals are allowed.

  • Suggested length of the film should be between 2-5 minutes. 

  • Projects must be filmed in one of the following counties: Shelby County (Tennessee), DeSoto County (Mississippi),  Crittenden County (Arkansas), Tipton County (Tennessee), Fayette County (Tennessee), Marshall County (Mississippi), and Mississippi County (Arkansas).

  • Winners will be provided $1,500 in cash for use in completion of the film.

  • Winners will be chosen by a panel of three judges consisting of industry professionals and social justice activists.

  • The two winning proposals will be announced Monday, March 13th.

  • The films must be completed by July 31st, 2017.

  • Once completed, the films can then be submitted to film festivals, however the primary goal of the grant is to create, produce, and distribute for the general public as soon as possible.

  • The films will be considered for screening at the 2017 Indie Memphis Film Festival.


  • One-page treatment outlining the issues that the film plans to address and how the filmmaker plans to execute their vision.

  • An expected total budget for the project.

  • A description of how the awarded monies will be utilized.

  • Key crew bios

  • Prior sample work, no longer than 5 minutes in length.

  • Outreach Strategy. What are your plans for distributing the film once it is completed?

Indie GrizzGrants

$15,000 of Grants for Short Film Productions

The Memphis Grizzlies and Indie Memphis are awarding FIVE cash grants of $3,000/each for short films to be produced about the female Grizzlies-fan experience. The five winning films will premiere at the 2017 Indie Memphis Film Festival and will be considered for video content by the Memphis Grizzlies on social media and arena promotions.

2016 Indie GRizzGrant Winners:

Jeremy Burgess (Birmingham, AL) - MAMA BEARS 

Logline: A trio of single mothers uses Grizzlies games as an incentive to help their children perform well in school and stay out of trouble. 


Logline: Stephanie loves the Grizzlies. The online Grizz fan community loves her right back.  

Phoebe Driscoll & Sophie Osella (Memphis, TN) - METRONOME

Logline: A tomboy drummer finds rhythm in Memphis while dreaming of being on the Grizzline.

Brent Shrewsbury (Memphis, TN) - MY HERO

Logline: A young girl speculates whether or not her grandmother has a very high profile second identity. 

Laura Jean Hocking (Memphis, TN) - THE LAST FAN

Logline: Grizzlies fandom is alive and well in post-apocalyptic Memphis.


Dan Baker for DYSPHORIA - $10,000 IndieGrant

 Rachel Taylor for SOLUS - $10,000 IndieGrant

Christopher Tracy for SOPHIE - $500 IndieGrant

Stephanie Watkins for GIRLSLIKEME - $500 IndieGrant

2015 IndieGrants recipents:

Morgan Jon Fox for SILVER ELVES - $7500 IndieGrant

C. Scott McCoy & Laura Jean Hocking for HOW TO SKIN A CAT - $7500 IndieGrant

Jonas Schubach for DIRTY MONEY - $500 IndieGrant

Ben Siler for ON THE SUFFERINGS OF THE WORLD - $500 IndieGrant                                                         

2014 IndieGrants recipients:

Sarah Fleming for CARBIKE - $4,500 IndieGrant

GB Shannon for BROKE DICK DOG - $4,500 IndieGrant

Joseph Carr for RETURNS - $500 IndieGrant

Dindie Donelson for CASANOVA'S ROSES - $500 IndieGrant