Day & Single Tickets


Tickets can be purchased online (with fees) prior to the festival or during the Festival at the Box Office of the venue where the particular screening is being held. Daytripper tickets can be purchased at any Festival Box Office.

Daytripper Ticket – $20 (good for stand-by access for any one day of films and Industry panels.  Excludes Gala screenings, innovation workshops, parties and receptions.)


Gala Screenings - $15 - $25

Patron Ticket - $15 (Advance ticket to any film except Opening Night and Saturday Night Gala) - Only a limited number of patron tickets are available to each screening.

Rush Ticket* - $10 (Available ONLY after all other Pass and Ticketholders have been seated.)

Party/Reception Admission – Available only with IMFF Patron Pass, Festival Pass, or with ticket stub to corresponding film.

Industry Panel Admission – Available only with any IMFF Pass, Festival Tripper, or Daytripper Ticket.


*RUSH TICKETS: No Pass?  No more tickets at the Box Office?  Get in the RUSH LINE at least 15 minutes before the start of the film and after all Pass and Ticketholders are seated, any available seats will go to the RUSH LINE for the prices listed above.