Crosstown Arts Residency

Indie Memphis is proud to support filmmakers in the Crosstown Arts Residency program as a community partner.

Applications are now open from May 15-July 15 for all 2020 residencies.


  • Housing

    • Residents are given free living space that includes a private bedroom and bathroom, and a shared common area and kitchen. There are also housing options for families as well as accessible housing for residents with disabilities. You also get a private studio workspace at no cost, but you have to cover your own studio materials and your travel expenses.

  • Meals are provided five days a week

  • Shared Art-Making Access

    • Residents are given a membership, for the duration of their residency, to Crosstown Arts’ on-site shared art-making workspace. This facility includes a range of analog and digital fabrication and production resources, including a woodshop, multiple CNC/laser cutters, a Mac-based computer lab, a large-format digital printing service, a silkscreen/print shop, a small recording studio, and an individual editing bay for video/audio production.

  • Public Events and Networking

    • Crosstown Arts hosts public events throughout the year to invite the community to meet the artists and experience their work. Residents are encouraged to participate in artist talks, public performance/projects, and open studio events.

Learn more about Crosstown Arts’ Residency HERE