2017 Panel Videos

2017 Festival Panel Videos


During last year's 20 year anniversary of the Indie Memphis Film Festival, we hosted more filmmakers, journalists and industry professionals than ever before for our IndieTalks panels! These one-of-a-kind discussions were free and open to the public thanks to the Hohenberg Foundation -- and now they're available to view online!

Check out all of the 2017 panels below!


Panelists: Farihah Zaman (Field of Vision), Maya Anand (Cohen Media Group), Opal Hope Bennett (DOC NYC, Athena Film Festival). Moderated by Yoshi James (The Commercial Appeal). Discussion presented with the Memphis Women in Film organization


Panelists: Miriam Bale (Freelance writer), Charles Mudede (Police Beat, Zoo), Yoshi James (The Commercial Appeal).


Panelists: Matt Grady (Factory 25), Molly O'Keefe (Tribeca Film Institute). Moderated by Ania Trzebiatowska (Visit Films).


Panelists: Karl Jacob (Cold November), Lucas Joaquin (Love After Love), Madeleine Molyneaux (Tonsler Park). Moderated by Sarah Salovaara (Filmmaker Magazine).


A conversation with film and television casting director Gayle Keller (THE BIG SICK, LOUIE, INSIDE AMY SCHUMER, CERTAIN WOMEN). Moderated by Kelly Wolf (PARENTHOOD, MARGARET).


Panelists: Zach Clark (Little Sister), Caroline Golum (A Feast of Man), Mike O'Shea (The Transfiguration). Moderated by Morgan Jon Fox (Feral).


Veteran indie producer Mike Ryan and the producing team of Maya Dardel dive deep and tell how it's possible to make an ultra low budget film with an Oscar nominated actress. Panelists: Morgan Jon Fox, Adam Hohenberg, Mike Ryan. Moderated by Iddo Patt (High Ropes).